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February Door Buster Sale!

Valentines Day is coming. Nothing says "I Love You" like...POWER...

Ryan’s Outpost 50 Year Anniversary!

Ryan's Outpost is turning 50 this year! In celebration, we would like to hear any stories you may have about Ryan's Outpost, Ruch or the Applegate Valley. If you have any memories and/or pictures to share, you can email them to tiffany@ruchhardware.com, drop them by...

2018 Applegate Valley Calendars are Here!

Thanks to all who participated in our 2018 Calendar Contest...lots of great pictures were submitted. Unfortunately, there are not enough months in the year! We congratulate those whose photos were chosen to make this beautiful calendar. Come on by and pick one up for...

Welcoming Baby Jess!

Welcome the newest member of the Ruch Hardware crew...baby Jess! She's our smart little aussie/border collie/healer mix. Come on in and enjoy her puppy-hood with...

Plant Diagnostic Center!

Is your plant looking droopy & you don't know why? We can help! We now have a great Plant Diagnostic Center with a comprehensive pest identification guide and a microscope that magnifies 200x regular size. Mites can't hide from us anymore! We also have a full...

Look Who’s Makin’ Keys Now!

We got a new key makin' machine & a beautiful new shelf for it to live! Now you don't have to go to town to have that extra key made. Savin' yet ANOTHER trip to town!

Union Point Organic, Non-GMO Chicken Feed!

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but with the help of Karen Muir from Williams we were able to aquire Union Point Custom Feed! This feed is Pacific Northwest grown and milled just a few hours north of us and non-gmo! We carry a poultry layer feed, scratch grains,...

We’ll Miss You, Nikki!

Rest in Peace my beautiful, blue-eyed girl! We'll miss you! July 2003 to September...

Ryan’s Outpost in the Late 50’s

Here is a picture of Ryan's Outpost taken in the late 1950's or early 1960's The road running from left to right in the middle of the photograph is Upper Applegate, the bare area above the road is Ryan's Outpost with only the Cafe Ruch building present. The building...
Ruch Hardware Livestock and Pet Feed

Pet & Livestock Feed

Why run all the way to town when all you need is pet food? Ruch Hardware carries a complete lineup of premium pet foods from Diamond Naturals and Premium Edge, and grain-free pet food from Taste of the Wild! We also carry livestock feed for your horses and farm animals.

Ruch Hardware Grow Supplies Department

Grow Supplies

Whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Ruch Hardware’s Grow Supplies department has what you need to keep your green friends healthy and happy!

Ruch Hardware Sporting Good Department

Sporting Goods

Whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, or just enjoying a nice barbecue, whatever your favorite outdoor activities are, we can keep you outfitted with tackle, equipment and licenses!

Ruch Hardware Auto Supplies

Auto Supplies

Who wants to drive to Grants Pass or Medford when all you need is motor oil or fuses for your car? We thought so… Ruch Hardware conveniently carries an array of automotive supplies to keep your vehicle happy and save you time!

Ruch Hardware Gardening Suppplies department

Gardening Supplies

Look to Ruch Hardware for all your gardening needs. Whether you break a tool, need fertilizer or other gardening supplies, we’ve got you covered!

Ruch Hardware Building Supplies and Hardware

Hardware & Building Supplies

We carry a wide range of supplies for builders and DIY home improvement projects. Avoid a long drive! Our selection of electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, hand tools, lumber, concrete and mortar mix, fasteners and much more will keep your project moving forward without delays.

Household Supplies

All supplied up, except for the printer paper you just ran out of (or forgot to pick up in town)? Save gas and drop by Ruch Hardware for your household supplies. We carry a variety of items for your cleaning, canning & food preservation needs…and more!

I bought Scratch Grains at Ruch Hardware today because I didn’t have the fuel needed to run to the Grange in Grants Pass. To my surprise and profound pleasure, I bought 50# for $12.99! Almost the same as the Co-Op but…I saved a 50 mile round trip. You have my business now Tiffany. I’m psyched! I look forward to visiting your store (in my neighborhood) regularly!

Steve Welch

Ruch Hardware is a great local resource for your hardware, garden supplies and animal feed. They also carry grow supplies and offer awesome discounts.

Allie Parkin

Quick, local and great people! Support our community small businesses! Saves time and money!

Rob Summer Underwood

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